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Testimonials are a good guide to how your Driving Instructor teaches you, it also says a lot about their personality.....

Grainne: Fantastic experience with Mary I couldn’t recommend her enough!! With her guidance and patience it’s given me the skills to become a safe driver. Thanks Mary for giving me the confidence to drive and for helping me to overcome my nervousness.

Kayla: When i first started driving i was so scared as there is so much pressure behind it as it isn’t only your life that is at risk. But when i started learning with Mary she took all the stress and worry away. I highly recommend Mary as a driving instructor, she helped pass first time which i didn’t think i’d be able to do. But i did with all her help.

Mary is extremely patient with me and helps me when i do things wrong and make sure i stay calm and don’t stress if i did make mistakes. I am so grateful for having Mary as an instructor and i am so thankful for her x

Sam: Mary is a great driving instructor and mentor; she will always answer questions and is very patient with the whole learning process. She always ensured that I was very comfortable and relaxed on my lessons and made sure that I fully understood and could complete everything safely and easily.

Mary is also very flexible with lesson times and if I ever needed to change time she was always happy to do so.

Maya: I have just recently passed my driving test and I cannot thank Mary enough. After learning through a pandemic it was so helpful to have Mary as a driving instructor. She was very patient with me and gave back specific feedback and helped me overcome certain obstacles I had whilst driving. I never once dreaded a lesson with Mary as she was very understanding. Being taught manoeuvres was very easy and quick with Mary’s help, the way Mary explains steps is extremely helpful and I felt very confident throughout my whole driving experience.

With Mary’s help I passed my driving test with 4 minors! I’m very grateful and pleased Mary was my driving instructor, I would definitely recommend Mary to any friends and family!”

Thank you for teaching me how to drive and being patient with me. :)

Isaac: Overall, I had a excellent experience learning to drive with Mary. She was very thorough with every detail and knew exactly what I needed to improve on in every step from parallel parking to mini roundabouts. However, she was always positive with constructive criticism, which made for very enjoyable lessons.

She was also very flexible with timings and lessons, allowing me to suit lessons around my school timetable and have extra lessons closer to the test. I would highly recommend, 10/10.

Kylie: Mary is a great instructor. She stays calm and does all she can to accommodate your lessons. She made my learning to drive experience such a good one after it taking me a while to have the confidence to do it.

I managed to pass first time and it was all thanks to all the support and extra time she gave me. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done. I am forever grateful for everything xx

Georgia: Mary was an amazing driving instructor, she was calm and patient with me and helped me feel at ease whilst learning to drive. She structured her lessons well so that I was gradually learning to complete new things.

I passed first time due to her help and would highly recommend her as a driving instructor.

Caitlin: Mary was an Amazing driving instructor. Although I started driving lessons with another instructor, it's safe to say that Mary really helped me improve in a lot of key areas in which I was struggling. This helped me pass with only 2 minors on my test!Mary is a very easy-going, calm and patient instructor making every driving lesson enjoyable, fun and relaxing.Mary would correct me in areas that went wrong but also point out the areas in which I was doing well in which provided me with greater confidence in my driving.

On the day of my test I was very nervous beforehand , Mary really helped in calming my nerves reassuring me in my abilities.

Overall I would definitely recommend Mary as an instructor.Thank you for Everything!

Bianca: "I started my driving journey afraid of pretty much everything. I had the constant fear of ‘what if I cannot control the car?’ and ‘what if I cause an accident?’ but with Mary’s patience and understanding coupled with the Irish humour the lessons started to become enjoyable - all of a sudden it was not so scary anymore. Just when I thought I was getting close to that licence, the pandemic happened. Lessons ended and my test was cancelled several times but when I found a test date. Mary did all she could to really accommodate my working schedule and helped me prepare for the test even if it meant we finished late at night.

All our hard work paid off the second the examiner uttered the word ‘Congratulations’. It has been a long and exhausting journey both mentally and emotionally but I would not have done it with any other instructor. She did not only have a passion to teach but she also has the heart to teach. I cannot recommend her enough! Definitely a 100/10!"

Ellie: "I highly recommend Mary as an instructor! She helped me pass first time with only 1 minor. Mary is calm, patient and very reliable which made learning to drive very enjoyable. She would make every lesson fun so I’d feel at ease. I enjoyed every lesson I had, she made me feel comfortable and safe in every lesson which made the time go quick. Mary would also give me advice when I went wrong and made sure I understood so I could improve next time. But also praised me when I did well which boosted my confidence to carry on doing well. I couldn’t thank Mary anymore and I’m so glad I had her as my driving instructor. Thank you for everything xx."

Muhammad Hamza: "Thank you Mary for helping me pass my driving exam and I’m really grateful to you for giving me all the proper instructions and classes professionally and telling me where I lacked the skills and where I was supposed to improve my driving. I had already failed once before and you helped me pass this time and I really appreciate all the effort you put into improving my driving skill. You have made me a safe and skilful driver.

I wish you good luck and I most certainly will tell all my friends taking driving exam to learn from you."

Tom: "Mary is an extremely calm, patient and informative instructor that has made learning to drive simple and enjoyable. Her flexibility with scheduling made it easy to get frequent lessons even during school times. She makes sure every new experience on the road is explained comprehensively until you are confident and always makes great use of every minute of every driving lesson. I was able to complete my driving test and pass on the first time all thanks to her.

I would highly recommend Mary to anyone learning how to drive, her first time pass rate and other testimonials are testament to how brilliant she is."

Emily: "Learning to drive with Mary was a brilliant and fun experience. Coming from a previous instructor I didn’t have much confidence and did not really enjoy driving but Mary changed this round for me. With her friendly yet professional approach it made me build up my confidence on the roads again and begin to enjoy my driving experience. Mary was so patience and understanding, she would always explain everything in the best way to help me fully understand. After having a few bad test experience I was very nervous to take another one. However, Mary made sure I felt fully prepared for my test, we covered all routes around St. Albans and on the day she made me feel relaxed. I passed first time with Mary with only 1 minor and I couldn’t of done it without her. I would highly recommend Mary to anyone as my only regret is not choosing her as my first instructor."

Connor Ingram: "I was one of Mary’s applicants for driving lessons that are based throughout St Albans and Stevenage. I roughly had around 13 lessons with Mary. Moreover, the lessons are very detailed and very well explained. This helped me a lot throughout the learning processes because it allowed me to understand the roads much better. Furthermore, on average people take 20-25 lessons before even attempting their test. The confidence mary gave me whisky driving and the experience she shared with me, helped me by booking my test within a short period of time. I was able to complete my driving test first time and passed with flying colours, with only 4 minors. I highly recommended Mary’s service. 5 star rated!!!"

Reece Leen: "I have throughly enjoyed my time with Mary. It's been a great experience, where I enjoyed myself but ultimately was taught everything I know. A brilliant balance between professionalism and friendship. I would recommend Mary to anyone else wanting to drive as there is a reason she has a very high pass rate. "

Molly Gray: "I just want to say a big thankyou for getting me through my driving test and giving me the confidence to pass first time! It wasn’t easy having the tuition put on hold due to the pandemic but as soon as we were able, you soon got me back on track. Thankyou so much for your time, patience and advice. I would highly recommend you to everyone I know."

Róisín Writes: "Huge relief to have passed my test just before another lockdown, having learnt to drive a few years ago but never passing my test, Mary was so helpful and built my confidence back up. She was flexible and was able to arrange lessons at short notice around my work schedule. I was beginning to think I would never pass but Mary was patient and I am so happy to have passed with just three minors today."

Enya Cove Writes: "Mary was a brilliant driving instructor, and was very patient when I struggled. Mary is very friendly and easy to get on with, which makes it less scary when you first get in the car. She always made sure I was able to have a lesson which was very helpful when it was coming up to my test. Before my test, I was very nervous but she reassured me to control my nerves. I would highly recommend Mary as a driving instructor, as I passed with only 3 minors. Thank you Mary!"

Noshin Jannat Writes: "After changing instructors and starting lessons with Mary, I was pleased to see that she was always patient and calm. She always managed to calm my nerves down, particularly when I started working towards passing my test. During lessons, she made me feel comfortable and always encouraged me. We always got through a lot within a single lesson and I always felt like I was learning.

Mary was always able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and she was great at explaining things that I couldn’t understand. Needless to say I would definitely recommend Mary to anyone, no matter what stage of they’re driving they’re in!"

Ramzy Nanou Writes: "Mary was an exceptional instructor, very knowledgable, super friendly and always patient. I had fun every lesson, learnt much quicker than I had expected and passed first time with only one minor! I highly recommend Mary as a driving instructor."

Ciara Saidi Writes: "Where do I even start, Mary is an amazing  driving instructor as she is genuinely a kind hearted person. Mary’s patience was very beneficial during our lessons as this was very much needed with me. Mary is very generous and considerate during our lessons as she was very willing to ensure that she could fit our lessons in even when our schedules were different and busy. Mary always explained things and gave me guidance when I made mistakes as well as praised me when I done well. Mary’s teaching techniques is what boosted my confidence throughout our lessons. Our driving lessons were always funny as mary has a good sense of humour but is also professional. Overall, my driving experiences has been brilliant thanks to mary and therefore I would highly recommend mary as a driving instructor to anyone as her determination, encouragement and motivation is what helped me to pass my driving test. "

Morgan Griffiths Writes: "Wonderful instructor, very calm, collected and cheerful, knowledgeable to all questions I asked and was especially good for instilling some confidence in me after I became unnerved with learning from my previous instructor. Overall would highly recommend."

Ailish Hever Writes: "Mary was a great driving instructor, very understanding and always listened when I didn’t understand, Mary explained everything very well and always turned up on time for my lessons. I really enjoyed my time learning with her and passed my test first time, I definitely recommend Mary to anyone looking for a good driving instructor."

Latha Lanka Writes: "I highly recommend Mary as a driving instructor as she is kind, professional, friendly and incredibly patient. Before my test I felt completely comfortable and confident in my ability; I passed first time and all the credit goes to Mary! She has been so helpful and the best instructor I could have asked for! I would 100% recommend learning from her! Thank you Mary!"

Naina Bloom Writes: "I came to Mary as a mature, anxious driver who was at my wits end. I'd tried and failed to connect or learn anything of importance from previous instructors. I'd passed my theory test and the two year countdown had begun. Mary was extremely patient, clear in her instruction and very calm. She's friendly and very knowledgeable. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Whether you are completely new to driving or are on the brink of giving up. Give Mary a call!"

Lauren Summers Writes: "I would highly recommend Mary as a driving instructor as she is very calm and patient and teaches you in a way that will definitely help you pass your test with confidence.

She allowed me to pass my driving test first time with only 3 minors, and I couldn't thank her enough. She will focus each lesson around your strengths and weaknesses to make sure you continue to improve until its a guaranteed pass. She is very consistent in her schedule and is usually quite flexible with her times if you cannot do that week.

Mary is a lovely and friendly instructor and I would definitely recommend her."

Emily Nicholson writes: "Mary is a lovely woman. She is patient, calm, and kind which makes any new driver feel comfortable behind the wheel. She is educated and knows the practical tests well so is able to give lots of tips and information to help you to pass. Very pleased with her teaching skills, I couldn't recommend a better instructor."

Heather writes: "Just wanted to say thankyou very much for teaching me again and for sticking with me!

I passed in Stevanage and Mary persevered with me throughout even when I lost confidence in my driving, meaning that I passed with the confidence and saftey I need to drive myself. Thanks." Heather x

Niall Jacob writes: "I am delighted to recommend Mary McDonnell as a very consistent and competent instructor, the quality of her driving lessons was well worth the cost.  Mary has such an excellent rapport. and sound teaching abilities.  She wasn't phased by my nerves but always helped me to trust in the learning process."

Niall Jacob passed first time upgrading to manual at 36 years of age.

Peter writes: "I would definitely recommend Mary. She is a very nice lady, fair and has enough experience to let you pass your test and get you on the road.

Highly recommended."

Kayleigh Murphy Writes: "Thank you Mary for giving me the confidence to finally go for my driving test.  You gave me all the right skills and support I needed to go on and pass first time with only 4 minors. 

This was a massive thing for me, i had been learning to drive on and off for 9 years but my previous instructors had never really made me feel ready until Mary. 

I would recommend using Mary to learn to drive to anyone. Thanks again."

Nadine writes: "After two bad experiences with previous driving instructors i finally found Mary! I'm so glad i found her when i did and really wished i had found her from the beginning. Mary is everything you could wish for in an instructor.. Professional, patient, calm and knowledgeable. Mary really does teach you step by step making it alot easier to learn. I think one of the best things about Mary is her ability to really make you believe in yourself and building up your confidence! Especially after previous bad experiences! Mary will 100% make sure you are test ready and that is why her pass rate is so high. I have already recommended Mary to a couple of friends and one has just started learning with her because quite honestly you will not find a better instructor! I know alot of me passing my test was down to Mary and the way that she teaches. I just want to say thank you so much Mary for getting me to the point where i was so ready to take my test and that is why i passed. You really are an amazing instructor Mary : ) xx"

Ning writes: "Thank you very much, Mary for helping me pass my test and have confidence in driving. Never thought I could do it, but you made me believe in myself! You are an awesome teacher, very patient and attentive. Thanks a million."

Amy Malins writes: "I was such a nervous learner after I had a bad experience with a previous instructor. Mary was calm and reassuring and soon broke me out of my shell. I was always hesitant with trying something new so Mary had always been patient with me and wouldn’t push me to do something I wasn’t confident with doing.

I passed both my theory and practical first time with only 3 minors. If it wasn’t for Mary I don’t think I would have had the confidence to start driving again and I can’t thank her enough!"

Samir K. writes: “I found Mary after I was put off driving for a few years , I hope I found her earlier than I did!

Friendly, patient and approachable instructor, which will encourage you to express any learning preferences you have, when you do, you will find she is a very good listener who will be able to employ a custom approach, she is able to achieve and get you the best results very quickly.

She will teach you the principles of driving and road so you can think on your feet in any situation. I highly recommend Mary"

Frederie Pujol writes: "I was lucky to have Mary as my driving instructor. She was very calm and gave clear step by step advice doing the manoeuvres making them fast and easy to learn. Great driving instructor, really patient and has extensive knowledge about driving. Always willing to clarify points of uncertainty and she is the reason I passed my test first time. Thank you Mary! I could not have done it without your patience and confidence boosts! I would certainly recommend you to friends and family."

Chloe Terry writes: "Getting to grips with driving had been a real struggle for me. After a few bad test experiences and a long break from driving lessons, I decided to take the plunge and try learning again with Mary as my driving instructor. From the very first lesson, Mary was friendly, professional and made me feel totally comfortable in the car. She helped me rebuild my confidence and made sure I was really ready to take my test. After a very long time, I am now the proud owner of a pink driving licence and that is down to Mary's calm and patient teaching. Thank you Mary!"

Kimberley Young writes: "I had two other driving instructors before I chose Mary for driving lessons. At the time, I hated driving and felt like giving up after two bad experiences with rude and unprofessional instructors. Mary was far more patient with me, which made me feel calmer and eventually a much better and safer driver. I could not ever see myself enjoying driving (let alone passing my test!) with my old instructors but now I love it! Mary is a fantastic teacher and a friendly person. I could not recommend her enough!"

Malini Menon writes: "I have had my full licence for a while, but have not driven a lot, especially on motorways. Due to work commitments, I decided to brush up on my driving skills. I did 6 hours with Mary and she was absolutely brilliant. She is friendly and welcoming and put me at ease right from the beginning. She is the perfect driving instructor for a nervous driver. Her reassuring attitude helps to build confidence. I 6 hours, I can honestly say she has managed to convert me from a very nervous driver, not daring to do more than 50 mph on motorways, let alone overtaking, to a much more confident driver, able to make and execute the right decisions required for safe driving on the motorway. She has given me some tips that have and will help me enormously. I am very glad I chose Mary from the array of driving instructors available"

Jinglu Guo writes: "I would just like to say a big thank you to my driving instructor Mary for supporting me throughout the lessons we had together. I finally got there in the end and still cannot believe I managed to pass the test. Without Mary's constant guidance and attention this would not have been possible. Mary is a very nice, patient and professional instructor, she absolutely deserve 6 stars! I was failed 3 times of driving test, and mary keep couraging me , helping me. Expecially for the reverse skills, she find out I am not good with reverse directing, and she find very good way to help me to understand when and how to turn the steering wheel. This is a great lesson in my drving life. I will definitely recommand Mary as a very good driving instructor to my friends , actually I did lots of times. And I enjoyed driving with Mary. Thank you again. "

Tasnim Jannat writes: "Mary is a reassuring and fantastic teacher. Her lessons are well structured and she is incredibly patient, which is why I was calm and collected in my driving lessons. These reasons not only helped me pass first time, but I know now that I will be a confident driver on the roads because of her tips. She also has the ability to assist you wherever you go wrong, as well as being able to maintain an enthusiasm throughout your time with her. Without doubt, a friendly and welcoming person, who I will recommend to anyone seeking a teacher. Thanks, Mary! "

Fiona Williams writes: "Right from the very first lesson Mary made me feel at ease with her very friendly and patient personality. During the lessons she always went through each aspect of driving throughly before we moved on to the next stage and only doing this when I was ready. Mary covered all of the routes throughly, making me feel completely prepared for my test. With her help I managed to pass first time and I genuinely felt safe and confident when driving on my own. Thank you Mary."

Jeff Jessop writes: "After having had an aggressive and appalling driving instructor in the past I had given up on learning to drive for years. Mary is without a doubt the best driving instructor around. She is very patient, understanding and easy to get along with. When the test day came around I was confident in my own ability because I was confident in Mary’s teaching. I passed with no minors! I cannot recommend her enough. I have gone from never wanting to ever drive again to thoroughly enjoying the experience and that is wholly down to Mary.

Ryan Bosley writes: "After a bad experience with a previous instructor I was relieved to find Mary whose calm and encouraging instructions and great technical teaching led me to feel confident in my driving. I went on to achieve a first time pass in my test with only one minor thanks to Mary's ability to get me to relax whilst driving. I can't recommend Mary highly enough and will always be thankful to her for getting me through what can be such a stressful time and experience. Thank you Mary."

Libby Lovejoy writes: "Mary was my second driving instructor and I was very glad to find her after I was let down by the standards of my previous instructor! Mary was patient, understanding and very easy to get along with! Every lesson was a delight; Mary would always put my nerves at ease especially when my test was coming up. When I failed my mock test terribly she went out of her way to put in the extra hours before my test which was in less than a week!! I don't think I would've passed my driving test first time if it wasn't for Mary's expertise and perseverance!! I would highly recommend her to anyone and I can't thank her enough for helping me pass first time!! " Many Thanks, Libby xx

Eleanor Rousell: "I can't thank Mary enough for teaching me to drive. She is a very friendly and welcoming instructor who made me feel at ease from the very first lesson. She is very thorough and covers everything in great detail, which made me feel confident in taking the theory and practical test, hence passing first time with both. I would highly recommend her as an instructor to anyone wanting to learn to drive particularly in a stress free environment! Thank you again Mary, I will truly miss having you in the car with me!Xx" Best Wishes - Eleanor Rousell

Natasha Rodrigues: "Mary is an amazing driving instructor, I've had a few before Mary and never felt comfortable, she makes you feel at ease, talks you through everything you need to know and has a great sense of humour. The great thing about Mary is that she will only send you through to your test if she feels that your ready. I went for my test and I passed first time, I highly recommend Mary as a driving instructor."

Jessica Pomfrey writes: "Mary is an amazing driving instructor and a lovely person. I couldn't have passed without her. I felt so relaxed and at ease in the car with her, even when I was feeling nervous, and felt she was really good at explaining things. She was so patient with me, and was determined to help me pass, she really gave me the confidence I needed. I'll miss being in the car with her and I can't recommend her enough. Thank you so much Mary." Thanks, Jess x

Miriam Fagan writes: "Mary made learning to drive very enjoyable. She has a great sense of humour and she is very thorough in going through everything you need to know to pass. I wasn't that confident when I started out but Mary has a wonderful ability to put you at ease. It took some time before I felt confident with roundabouts and she was very patient and encouraging and didn't mind that I needed to go over things a number of times before I felt confident. She is a friendly and warm person but also very professional in her approach. She will go out of her way to make sure you are ready for the test. I passed with two minor faults. You couldn't ask for a better driving instructor. I wholeheartedly recommend her. Miriam"

Laurence Shepley writes: "Mary is a very good instructor as she is very patient and can adapt really well to the ability of the learner. She is very good at assessing the length of time that is required for a learner to pass first time. This is why she has a 90% first time pass rate.

This is highlighted by the fact that she was recommended to my mum by a friend whose daughter who had failed her test 5 times prior to taking lessons with Mary passed with her first attempt as a learner under Mary’s guidance.

Finally overall I do recommend Mary as an excellent driving instructor not just to teach a learner how to pass his/ her test but to teach them how to drive at a good solid standard for life."

Tracy Badley writes: Where do I start? Mary is simply the best driving instructor around! I had wanted to learn to drive for many years but put it off, when I finally plucked up the courage I came across Marys website and started lessons at the end of March. From day 1 I thought she was amazing. She made me feel so confident and at ease. Lessons were always great with her. She believed in me..which made me believe in myself. I passed my test at the beginning of October. I couldn't have done it without Mary. Not only was she my instructor, and a fantastic one at that; but she became a friend. My Thursday mornings won't be the same without her. I would 1000000000% recommend her to anyone wanting to learn to drive! Thank you so much Mary, you are simply amazing!x

Charlie Cook writes: I passed my test first time with Mary with only 3 minors. I knew Mary as she is a friend of my mums so I was at an advantage of knowing her but she treated me no different she was very professional. I started with her from scratch on the day of my 17th Birthday. I felt at ease with her from day one she always gave me good advice when I went wrong and praised me when I did good! She went out of her way to make sure I was ready to take my test which I owe it her for her good teaching skills.She had a good sense of humour and made me laugh whilst maintaining a professional manner! I found it all enjoyable and stress free and I would recommend anyone to have Mary as their driving instructor. I now drive with confidence in my own car – thank you Mary x

Aimee Taylor writes: Mary is an amazing driving instructor and I would recommend her to anyone. She was extremely patient, calm and funny throughout all of my driving lessons making driving fun as well as building my confidence to pass first time. I would like to thank Mary so much for all of her help, I could not have passed without you!

Sofia Chiparo writes: "The thought of driving was always something that made me slightly nervous and something I was extremely scared to try. However, within my first lesson with Mary, my nerves disappeared and she made me feel at ease. I am glad to say driving is now something I thoroughly enjoy and feel extremely confident doing, thanks to her preparing me for every situation on the road. Mary was so incredibly nice even when I made the most awful mistakes building up confidence more and more!

It is down to Mary and her incredible teaching that I was able to pass my driving test in the time I did and first time, for that I am very grateful. She is a truly amazing teach who is not only a lovely friendly woman but has also provided me with every skill I need on the road. I would strongly recommend (and have) her driving school to anyone who wants to learn to drive and have fun while doing it. Thank you so much Mary and I will truly miss having you in the passenger seat!"

Dan writes: I had roughly 30 hours of lessons with Mary and felt confident when it came to the test due to the advice Mary had given me. The first few lessons were learning the basics, I was told what the car would do when I did certain things e.g. what happens when I put my foot on the clutch. I was driven to a quiet area of Welwyn and started the basics. The next few lessons were about junctions, roundabouts and other obstacles that you will come across. Mary was very good at knowing my ability and what I was doing wrong and how to rectify it. Mary was able to give me advice and did not mind repeating something if I did not understand. A few times I had done something wrong e.g. stalling and people behind me were getting frustrated which would make me nervous and make more mistakes but with Mary next to me she was able to tell me not to worry and to take my time which helped a lot.

Due to the fact that I wanted to pass before a certain time, I booked the test at short notice and Mary was very understanding and was able to move a few things around so to make time for the last few lessons.

While doing my test, I chose to have Mary with me in the car, sitting behind me, she gave me a bit more confidence and I was able to pass first time. I have been driving for about a month now and have been enjoying it very much while still remembering some tips from Mary that have helped in many ways"

Hannah Murphy writes: "Mary is an amazing driving instructor in so many ways. From my first lesson, I immediately felt at ease with her and my nerves somewhat settled. This is because Mary is possibly one of the friendliest people I have ever met and so easy to talk to. Throughout my lessons, I never felt intimidated or stupid and I knew it was okay to make mistakes, massively improving my confidence behind the wheel. As a teacher, Mary has been incredibly patient in making sure I could drive not only well enough to pass my test, but also to be comfortable to go out on my own. I am confident getting in my car knowing that Mary has taken me down every awkward road and prepared me for any tricky situation I may find myself in. My driving lessons were never a chore or stressful which is something I owe to Mary and I can honestly say I sort of miss having her in the car with me".

Tricia Clark writes: "I had had lessons before in London and I had built up a dislike for driving. From day one, Mary made me feel at ease and safe, both in her presence and on the road. Mary never makes you feel like any questions you ask are inane, always has time to help motivate and remind you how well you are doing and her laughter and warm nature creates a great, calming environment. Thanks to Mary, I passed first time and feel confident on the road which seemed impossible to me before I had started. I would, and will be recommending Mary to anyone who wants lessons. She is great - 5 stars!"

Amelia Wilson writes: "I initially started driving a few years ago. I was very nervous and worried about having driving lessons. I started with a different driving school where the instructor was really quite bad. This did not help my nerves and I felt I was not learning anything. I stopped the lessons after around 10 and lost all confidence in driving as my nerves and anxiety was taking over when thinking about driving again. A few years later, I decided to give the driving a go again and I started with Mary. From the very first lesson, I felt at ease with Mary. I explained I was quite nervous and she made sure I was ok. She told me clearly what we would be doing each lesson. She did this step by step so that it did not seem too much to take in. I found her instructions easy to understand and follow, I felt safe driving again.

I felt happy and comfortable talking to Mary and asking her any questions I had. When I did fell nervous, Mary was amazing and managed to keep me calm and taught me ways to control my nerves which meant I could carry on driving. Sometimes I got quite upset but Mary managed to calm me down and keep my confidence up. Mary's methods in teaching were excellent, giving me reference points when doing a manoeuvre really helped me when first doing them and easy ways to remember things so not to confuse myself when driving. After a couple of lessons, I felt I had learnt more than the whole entire 10 lessons that I had previously had.

We went over all the routes in the place I would be doing my test and did mock tests to see how I was doing. It came to the time when we felt I was ready to book my test and Mary helped me with any queries that I had doing this. I was very nervous doing my test but Mary managed to keep me calm and really helped me to believe in myself. I pass first time and was so happy!

Mary's prices are very fair which meant I could afford the lessons and she is very flexible around working hours as I work full time, this really helped.

Overall, I really could not have asked for a better driving instructor and I am so pleased and thankful that Mary helped me in learning to drive and passing my test".

Elizabeth O'Connor writes: "I thoroughly enjoyed my driving lessons with Mary. In a very short period of time, she was able to increase my confidence on the road, improve my driving skills and prepare me for the driving test. She has the ability to continuously assist you in developing your skills and to teach you how to maintain them. Yet, she still creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere lesson to lesson".

Caroline Carter writes: "Hi Mary, I just wanted to say a big huge massive thank you for helping me through my driving test. You built up my confidence and you are so patient and friendly. I will recommend you to anyone who wants to learn to drive. I will actually miss seeing you and bet you are glad to get rid of crazy spazzi (teehee) THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH XXXXXXX".

Chloe Costello writes: "Mary is a fantastic driving instructor and without her tuition, I don't think I would have been able to pass first time with only one minor. I started with not feeling very confident behind the wheel but Mary quickly put me at ease and made me feel confident in no time with her enthusiasm and kind nature. I would have no doubts in recommending Mary to anyone looking for driving tuition".

Andy Blythe writes: "Well what can I say? - Mary is a superb driving instructor! Focussed on what I needed and enabled me to pass first time within a couple of weeks, made me feel very comfortable and relaxed, willing to go that extra mile (or in my case 40:)!) Cannot thank Mary enough for what she has done for me an also accommodating my impatient personality! If you are looking for an instructor who wants to help you to pass and not just take your money, then look no further as Mary is the one for you. Highly recommending driving instructor. Thanks again Mary, really appreciate what you have done for me".

Alice Marshall writes: "Mary is an extremely understanding and reassuring driving instructor. She made me feel at ease and was incredibly patient. Driving lessons were always filled with laughter and I don't think I could have passed without her tuition! Thank You!".

Emma Sanders writes: "Mary has a kind heart and is very friendly, but also pushes you to succeed if needed. I was nervous to drive to begin with but with Mary I felt at ease. Mary is very patient and will get you to do things over and over as practise makes perfect. Overall, driving with Mary is fun and rewarding, thank you".

Samrina Jannat writes: "As a driving instructor, Mary is incredibly patient and reassuring; my driving lessons not only helped me to pass first time, but have enabled me to become a confident and independent driver. Mary's ability to quickly identify any strengths and weaknesses, and both her positivity and unique method of teaching, are perhaps what set her aside from other instructors. The lessons were well structured and focussed primarily on improving the aspects of driving that I found difficult. I appreciate the time and effort Mary dedicated towards helping me to successfully pass, and I would, without doubt, highly recommend her to anyone looking to take driving lessons. Thank you!"

Madeleine Hillman writes: "Mary was an excellent driving instructor, I would recommend her to my family and friends, always stays very patient and is understanding. The lessons are a good price and you learn all you can in the time you have. Many thanks for everything...Maddie"

Nick Binks writes: "Couldn't have asked for a better tutor, made learning to drive enjoyable as well as extremely efficient teaching. Couldn't have done it without her and would recommend Mary to anyone".

Elizabeth Christianson writes: "Mary is a fantastic driving instructor. There was nothing more I could ask from her. I had started to drive with Mary after failing two driving tests with another instructor. She builtupmy confidence and I started to feel like a confident and skillful driver. Most of all, I loved driving with her as she put me at ease and made me feel like a safe driver. My thanks goes out to Mary, as I passed with only 5 minor faults with her training. I am a happy and proud owner of a full driving UK licence, all because of Mary - many thanks from Elizabeth"

Samantha Hemming writes: "Mary is a brilliant driving instructor. I started learning to drive with Mary after my last instructor did not support me and had no patience whatsoever! Mary made me feel comfortable and at ease when driving in the car with her. Mary had a lot of patience and was easy to get along with which made learning to drive much easier. I am so glad that I found Mary because without her, I don't think I would have passed my test for a long time or I would have just given up out of frustration. Thank you so much Mary for all your help and support - I could not have done it without you - from Sam"

Catherine Perry writes: "I started learning again after a five year break and Mary was the greatest driving instructor to learn again with. Despite my worries after such a long break, she put me at ease and got me up to test standard quickly. I passed on the first test that I took since learning with Mary which was great! She is an extremely friendly person too and I highly recommend Mary to any new learners - thank you from Catherine"

Daniella Chiparo writes: "Mary is a fantastic driving instructor and a lovely person; she made me feel very comfortable from the first lesson. Mary is patient and puts you at ease when driving, even when mistakes are made. I could feel myself becoming more and more confident with every lesson. I would definately recommend Mary to anyone looking to pass their driving test. Thank you Mary for helping me pass first time!"

Aaron Gillians writes: "Mary is an absolutely brillian driving instructor. I could not ask for such a lovely lady who is very pleasant, cost efficient and patient. From the first lesson I was put at ease and felt confident as Mary worked out my strengths and weaknesses straight away so that I started becoming a confident driver. I probably could not have passed first time with only 2 minors with a different driving instructor. I could not fault Mary at all - 10/10, thank you so much".

Lauren Desousa writes: "I would highly recommend Mary McDonnell to anyone who wants to start learning to drive. She is an amazing driving instructor as well as a lovely person. I always looked forward to and enjoyed each and every one of my driving lessons with her. Everything I learned from Mary gave me so much confidence in myself to drive. Thank you so much for being the best driving instructor, I am so pleased I passed FIRST time!!!

Adam Randles writes: "I came back to driving lessons after a 2 year gap of frustration. I booked my test and started taking lessons with Mary with only 3 weeks to go until my test date. Mary is a warm and funny person who put me at ease and after a succession of lessons within that 3 week period I passed my test! It may have been the luck of the Irish! either way I would recommend Mary for both quality of teaching and value."

Jennifer Makamo writes: "Everyone knows that learning to drive can be a challenge, but thanks to Mary's constant patience, encouragement and praise, it really was not anywhere near as stressful as I thought. I have recently passed my driving test. I was a really nervous driver and had already taken 3 tests and failed. I thought I would never pass my driving test, but then I found Mary McDonnell. After the first lesson with Mary, I felt a bit more confident and she made me relax and assured me that I was good enough to pass a test, she also taught me a few things that I had not known before. After taking a few lessons, I took my test and passed. Yeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiii! thanks to Mary - I would recommend her to anyone".

Rozana Nanou writes: on behalf of her son who passed his test on 19th September 2012: "Mary proved to be invaluable to my son's driving experience. She was very patient, understanding and fun which made my son enjoy his driving lessons and listen to her instructions which were clear and precise. My son passed his driving test and is a very safe driver which was all thanks to Mary's teaching techniques and understanding of the fundamentals of driving which she passed onto my son. I would recommend Mary to anyone who wants to pass and also become a safe driver. Thank you so much Mary for all your help and support for my son".

Sophie Beverley writes: "Mary was happy to teach me on an intensive basis in order for me to take my test before I returned to University. She was very dedicated, committing a great deal of time to my lessons, the majority of which were three hours long. Although I had no previous driving experience, I feel that Mary structured my driving lessons incredibly well, and at no point did I feel rushed or confused; by the time of my test, I felt that I was ready, and that I would pass. I firmly believe that it is due to Mary's teaching method, patience and positivity that I was able to progress so quickly. I passed first time with just 4 minor faults. I am incredibly grateful to Mary for being such an excellent driving instructor, and would highly recommend her to anyone. Thank You Mary."

Jaana Mandal writes: "I was very lucky to have Mary McDonnell as my first ever driving instructor. With her lovely personality as a person and her expertise on guiding me to learn to drive, I am truly grateful for her - I passed my test first time! I had no previous driving experience before I started to drive with Mary. There were times when I did not have any faith in myself being able to drive, however Mary has a special quality, she is very positive. She gives constructive feedback and encourages you as a learner. She understands that every learner driver is an individual and is different - she keeps this in mind when teaching. I can warmly recommend Mary to anyone - she is special".

Alice Lovell writes: "I was so glad to find Mary when I was looking for a new driving instructor as I felt uncomfortable with my previous instructor and dreaded lessons with him. It was the complete opposite with Mary as I found I looked forward to my driving lessons and she put me at ease when I was already a nervous driver. With her patience, support and expertise, I quickly managed to overcome my nerves within a month of learning to drive with her. I am now a confident, safe and smart driver; this I put down to Mary's brilliant teaching. I passed my test first time with only 3 minor faults! I am incredibly grateful to Mary for making this possible. Thank You!"

Lydia Cubinakova writes: "I had previously had two other driving instructors and I was ready to give up on learning to drive, but luckily I have met Mary. She was from the start, very supporting, calm, patient and professional; always giving me plenty of encouragement when things were not going right. I passed my test in January 2012 at St.Albans test centre, and have been driving for over a month now. Without Mary, I would not have had the confidence and skills to do this. I would definately recommend her to everyone as she is an excellent teacher, Many thanks."

Gurpreet Matthu writes: "I had been driving for three years with several other driving instructors, not happy with the service they provided. I was uncomfortable behind the wheel and support was not given with previous instructors. My confidence was knocked back, when previous instructors became frustrated with me, this left me dreading my driving lessons.

I was really glad to have found Mary as new driving instructor as we shared the same goal to build my confidence and my general driving.

Mary was patient, understanding and supportive, she helped me to drive to a high standard and on my test day, I passed with just 3 minor faults. I learnt more with Mary as she made me feel so comfortable.

I highly recommend her, she has made me a confident and independent driver - a skill gained for life. Thank you so much."

For me she was able to adapt to my difficulties in concentration by constantly reminding that I need to concentrate. We eventually rectified this problem near the test date by me wearing my glasses I will obviously continue to do.

Mary also has a very good ability at picking out the mistakes that I was making however small they were. This meant these mistakes could be rectified more quickly in order to get me in the best possible shape for my test.